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If you have been having trouble with your business broadband lately, then you might be thinking about making the switch to a separate provider. Perhaps your contract is running out and you simply want to find something cheaper? If either of these apply to you, we are certain that we can find a package to meet your requirements.

ITS Telecom offer business broadband packages starting at just £19.99 a month, with up to 100mb Ethernet connection available from just £250.00 a month.


Business Broadband Providers

As a UK based, business broadband provider, we can help you with your commercial and business internet needs. Whether you are looking for a faster connection, quicker download speeds or cheaper rates, ITS Telco are here to help, offering a wide range of business broadband packages and products to suit our customer’s needs.

We’d encourage anyone looking for faster business broadband to get in touch and speak to us. We have already helped hundreds of UK customers benefit from better internet connectivity and you can join in the fun!

What’s so good about ITS Telecom Business Broadband?

With business broadband you can benefit from excellent customer service and support when you need it most. You are well looked after by the ITS Telecom team as we will support you on your business journey.

If your business is set to grow, our broadband can grow with you. This means you don’t have to worry about bottleneck communications as you become a bigger company.

How is ITS Telecom Business Broadband Different to Home Broadband?

Business broadband isn’t much different to home broadband. Both allow you to access the internet using the same infrastructure, whether this be through ADSL, Fibre Optic or Ethernet connection. The major difference is the internet speeds, as a broadband infrastructure built for businesses may need to be able to handle much heavier use than a home based system.

When considering business broadband however, there’s far more to consider than price and speed. Our service comes with a range of essential features that all businesses will need some level of, regardless of how big they are.

Faster Broadband Speeds

How fast your business broadband needs to be will depend on what your business does. A small business may not need their internet to be as fast as one which has large offices with dozens of employees, computers and phones that all need to perform at the highest level.

The type of broadband you go for will impact the speed of your internet too, so if you need a super speedy connection, you may require fibre optic internet or an Ethernet connection, rather than ADSL.

Better Support for your Broadband

Business broadband customers can benefit from high levels of support. If something goes wrong with your communications you need to know you have someone there to support you. You also need reassurance that if there is a problem, your provider will do their utmost to get things back up and running as quickly as possible.

With ITS Telecom, you will receive the very best customer service. We are just a phone call away for those of you that want excellent support from a company that actually cares.

Internet Security

For any business, security is vital. Security threats to a network can come from a wide range of areas, including viruses, malware, phishing scams, infected files/USB drives and hackers. Business broadband packages are created to help give you the best security possible and protect you against as many threats as possible. Should you suffer a security breach or threat, our team of experts are on hand to get your systems back up and running.

Static IP Address

If you need to look after emails or an FTP server for example, you will require a static IP address. This will help you to keep on top of security and will show others that you offer a professional service. Most consumer packages have dynamic IP addresses, although you can get a static IP address with your home broadband if you would prefer one. With a static IP address, you will have a fixed address on the internet which is yours to look after and protect.

Website and Emails

Along with our business broadband packages, we offer web hosting and emails as part of our comprehensive telecommunications service.

Most businesses will have a website that needs hosting and some form of email system to manage customers and communicate with other departments within the business. A web package will enable you to have company-branded email addresses, should you require these.


Ready to find out more?

If you would like to speak to our team about our business broadband services and options, call us for FREE 0800 008 7009 or email

Business Broadband FAQs

As soon as your order has been placed with ITS Telecom, we will work with you to set a time and date as soon as possible to get your new Business Broadband set up and running. This process can take a couple of hours or a lot longer, depending on the business’ size, number o employees and the system you have opted for. We will however try and get you surfing the web in no time at all.

To order our services, all you need to do is give our team a call. Our experts will be able to determine your requirements, the system that will best suit these requirements, and set a date for the next stage of the process. Call our team for FREE on; 0800 008 7009 or email; one of our team will get back to your email as soon as possible.

Our business broadband packages start at just £19.99 a month and up to 100MB ethernet lease lines from around £250 per month. We have a range of business deals and packages available for you to choose from.

Yes! Depending on what you need, we can help. We understand that every business needs to be flexible in terms of growth and they need a broadband infrastructure that can keep up and be added to or amended as and when is necessary. Some amends may mean additional costs, so we recommend you contact our team to make sure your system can keep up with you.

A static IP address simply means that other computers can connect with your computer with ease, meaning you can access your PC from anywhere, you can host a website, run a server, get direct emails, make better VoIp calls and enjoy less downtime. It also means you can run IP specific software or programmes that require login details to keep your own business systems private and locked down to your static IP address.