Hosted Telephone Systems

A Cloud-based or Internet-based system with advanced features

From 1 to 1000s of extensions spread over many locations


The ITS Hosted Phone System is packed with enterprise class features, everything a business or Enterprise of any size would need, including some call centre features at an affordable price. (If you’re a commercial call centre, please contact us about our Hosted Contact Centre for Call Centres service.)

Keep your existing phone numbers or choose new numbers from any UK dialling code regardless of your location.

Benefit from enhanced features like the self service portal (pictured below) whilst saving you money on traditional BT lines and calls, as the ITS hosted phone system replaces your traditional BT line rental.

ITS Telecom Hosted Phone System Admin Dashboard

What ITS Telecom Offers:-

With minimal or NO upfront costs, you just need a good quality internet connection and here at ITS Telecom we’ve made it easy for you – we’ve included all the features in one 24 month Advanced User Licence package listed below:-

Hosted Business Phone Systems
Hosted Phones
Hosted Telephone Systems
  • FREE Polycom or Yealink Handset
  • Advanced Phone System Features
  • Call Package – 240mins to mobile & 2400 minutes to landline per extension
  • FREE Calls Between Extensionsin any location
  • Unified Communications – Software to bring your computer desktop, mobile and phones together
  • Soft Phone – use on your tablet, phone or notebook
  • Direct Dial Numbers

All this for 1 low monthly rental charge which is cheaper than a single BT line, CONTACT US today for more information or to get a quote for your company.

Advanced User Licence – Features

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We will build and configure your phone system to your requirements. Your system will come with as many Polycom or Yealink IP Phones as you need and will be delivered to your different sites as requested. You simply plug them into your network and away you go. Remember it’s flexible so you can add extra extensions as you grow. You can also choose you use your own current telephone numbers or we can allocate new numbers for you. Optional onsite setup and training is available

  • Auto Attendant
  • Hunt or Call Groups
  • Call Transfer
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Pick Up Groups
  • Voicemail with Voicemail to Email and Remote Retrieval
  • Mobile Twinning
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Time of Day Routing
  • Inbound Caller ID
  • Outbound Number Presentation & Withhold
  • On Hold Music
  • Directories

Using the UC Office desktop or mobile app, you can integrate with your existing Outlook contacts or on your Android & IOS device so you can call directly. Other features include:

  • User Presence: see if your users are on a call, in a meeting or away
  • Set your status
  • Use the instant messenger chat feature to quickly communicate with users even if they are on their mobile app
  • Set your extension to forward calls or twin to your mobile, home or remote office number
  • Do Not Disturb

Should there be a disaster at your office like a flood, fire, or power failure, then very quickly you can change the call routing to another office or site using your Self Service Online Portal from anywhere. Likewise should there be a public transport strike, using the mobile app or soft phone, users can quickly work from home as if in the office.

The Online Portal is designed to be a Self Service feature so users can easily make changes to the phone system. Alternatively, you can opt for our managed service where we will make the changes for you.

In the portal at Admin Level, you have a dashboard where you can see an overview of phone system, calls made and received, the latest changes made to the system, you can also setup your own hunt groups and change the members of hunt groups if required.

At User Level, the dashboard gives an overview of each extension, for example call history, number of voicemails, make changes to call forwarding and voicemail options.

Your Advance User Licence includes 300 minutes to major UK Mobile Networks and 2,400 minutes to UK landline 01 & 02 numbers for each extension. You also get FREE calls between your own extensions wherever the extension is situated in the world or on a mobile device using the UC Office Mobile App.

At ITS Telecom, you will always be allocated an Account Manager and a dedicated Technical Support Engineer who are situated in our UK office. They can help with anything you might need, from sales to technical problems, so you always get the most out of your ITS Hosted Phone System.

  • My Room: this feature allows you to easily collaborate with users not only on your phone system but also externally, send email invites to My Room where you can conference call, share your desktop, use video calling, etc.
  • UC Mobile Office Addon: this app is the mobile version of the desktop UC Office and turns your Android or IOS Device into your extension on the move. Ideal for busy directors and other staff who are often out of the office. Includes all the features of the Desktop UC Office App
  • Regional Numbers: you can add extra phone numbers from any UK dialling code area, ideal for marketing purposes or before you open your new office.
  • Call Centre Features: your system can include wall board call centre features and call queuing
  • Reception Console
  • Call Recording
  • Fax Messaging

Hosted Phone ITS Telco

Are you happy with your company phone system?

At ITS Telecom we offer our hosted telephone systems to businesses throughout London and the rest of the UK. With a hosted telephone system, your communications network resides in the cloud rather than in your office. The hosted phone systems can easily be accessed by users through a standard handset or through a softphone.

All calls are made and received over your broadband, which are then routed to the device of your choice. By choosing a hosted telephone system, you have no costly PBX maintenance or upgrades, all that needs to be upgraded is your preferred handsets and any software.

Hosted phone systems allow businesses to access low cost and free IP calling. With hosted systems there are a number of smart call management features that can be accessed at your fingertips. With the hosted telephone systems we offer, your business will be able to handle its communications across multiple sites around London or the UK. All hosted phone systems can be easily managed, from group down to individual management; hosted systems offer a simple and manageable user interface.

We’ve been offering our hosted telephone systems to customers throughout London and the rest of the UK for a number of years, and have become known for the quality of the system and service we provide to our customers. At ITS Telecom, everything we do revolves around providing our customers with hosted telephone systems that improve the efficiency of businesses communication infrastructures. We offer an unbeatable support system, ensuring we deliver one of the highest standards of service as a hosted telephone company.

What is included in your Hosted Telephone Package?

The ITS hosted phone system is packed with enterprise class features, everything an SME or Enterprise would need, including some call centre features for the smaller business.

We have numerous hosted telephone system packages, which are suitable for all types of business from small independent companies to large call centres. When it comes to our hosted phone systems, all you need is an internet connection. With our hosted phone systems, you’ll get:

  • Free Polycom Handset
  • Advanced Phone System Features
  • A Call Package
  • Free Calls Between Extensions
  • Unified Communications
  • Soft Phone System
  • Direct Dial Number

AT ITS Telecom we also offer separate hosted call system package for call centres. We offer some of the most competitively priced hosted telephone systems in London and the UK.

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